13 Moon Calendar Guide

Colour RED the days of your blood time in the circle of dates. 

Each Goddess in the circle corresponds to a cycle of the moon from Dark Moon to Dark Moon; showing a Moon month. Draw symbols, get creative with colour and write key themes, observations, feelings, insights and activities that occur each Moon month in and around the body of the Goddess.

Insights and key themes associated with your inner world can be added to the inside of the Goddess and themes and activities associated with your outer world can be written around the body of the Goddess. 

For those not bleeding, with sporadic cycles or wanting to align with bleeding on the Dark moon you can use the Goddess segments as your primary energetic cycle guide to help align with the rhythms of the moon. 

You can also draw a line from the first day of your cycle (the first day of your blood) down to the center to help identify the beginning and ending of each Womb cycle and your own Womb month. This may or may not align with the cycle of the moon and may change dramatically over the year. Where your blood falls in relation to the moon can give clues as to what is happening in your inner world and when is time for rest, healing and action. 

Allow the map to grow with each passing day, adding and writing things that emerge in your daily life. Or at the end of each Moon month take some time to colour and fill in the Goddess to represent the Moon month that has been. 

This cycle map moves in an anti-clockwise direction to align with movement of the Sun and Moon in the Southern Hemisphere.

Winter - Dark Moon - Menstruation

Winter, Dark Moon and Menstruation all correspond with the low point in their respective cycles. Winter is the time of shortest days where the Sun’s light becomes less and less each day until we reach with Winter Solstice – the shortest day and longest night. The Dark Moon corresponds with Winter in its own cycle as the phase of no light. It is the ending and the beginning just as Winter is. It is the still point where one cycle ends and another beings. 

Menstruation corresponds with the Winter and Dark Moon phases as she is the physical shedding of a Womb cycle. The ending of one cycle of ovulation, the clearing that is required for a new cycle to start. 

So whether it is Winter, Dark Moon or your Menstrual phase this is the time of inner cocooning, letting go, deep rest and regeneration. It is when your awareness is called to turn within. 

How can you honour your need for nourishment, self-care and inner communion?

Wrap your cloak of transformation around yourself and revitalize for the cycle ahead. 

Practices for this phase: 

Lay on your back and breathe into your womb. Breathe into all the places that feel tired, numb, tight and bound. Let your breath and the energy of the Earth below soften these places. Breathe new life and possibilities into your body and exhale, letting go, melting and dissolving all that blocks you from vitality and aliveness. Listen to your inner voice and be guided from this place of connection, calm and grounding. 

Wheel of the Year - Rituals for this phase: 

Start of Winter – Samhain – May 5th, 09:00

Light a candle and breathe its warmth into your being. Write on paper things you are ready to release and let the flames transform your prayers.

Winter Solstice - Yule - June 21st, 06:51

Take a sacred pause, nourish yourself and reflect on the cycle that has been. Meditate and open to insights for what is brewing for the new cycle ahead. Tune into the Void, the sacred stillness, the end of the cycle. This is the fertile darkness where all things are possible. 

Spring - Waxing Moon - Follicular Phase

This is the time of rising energy. Go out in nature and enjoy the beauty that abounds. Be playful, curious, creative and open to new opportunities and connections. Try new things and say YES to life. If not now, when?

Spring, Waxing Moon and the Follicular phase of the Menstrual cycle all correspond with the rising energy of their respective cycles. Spring marks the lengthening days and increased sunlight which signals to the Earth and all her plants and beings that it is time to grow, reproduce and bloom. 

The Follicular phase of the menstrual cycle is the phase after menstruation when the Womb lining is growing and preparing for ovulation. This is the time in a Woman’s cycle when she can feel a rising energy, creativity and passion for life. After cocooning in your menstrual phase you are ready to go out into the world again, socialise, create and play. 

Practice for this phase:

Let your body wake from a deep slumber and feel your inner vitality rise and come to life. Explore your body’s range of movement, feel and sense into your body and use your breath to help expand, stretch and open. Explore fluid movement, breath and circling/ spiraling body movements to awaken your energy pathways. Breathe into your womb and draw the energy of the Earth up through your feet and let her dance through your whole body.

Wheel of the Year - Rituals for this phase: 

Start of Spring – Imbolc – August 7th, 10:14 

Write your intentions for the new cycle and bury them in the Earth asking for support to help them root and grow.

Spring Equinox - Ostara - September 22nd, 22:44 

Open to receive the growing creative energy and make or craft something special to honour Spring and the blooming life around.

Summer - Full Moon - Ovulation

This is the peak energy of the cycle which calls you to blossom and unfurl your gifts to the world. A time to get things done, create, celebrate life and have fun! Channel your energy into a project, now is the time to make it happen.

Summer, Full Moon and Ovulation are all the peak’s of their respective cycles. Summer is the height of solar energy culminating in Summer Solstice which is the longest day and shortest night of the year. Full Moon is also the peak of Lunar light for the Moon when she is shining to her fullest and reflecting that light down onto earth. Ovulation is the peak of her monthly Womb cycle, she is the zenith of energy, the possibility of creation.

It is interesting to note that many Women’s Wisdom teachings speak of how Women in pre industrial times would ovulate with the Full Moon and bleed with the Dark Moon, mirroring the cycle of the Moon above. It is possible to connect and establish a rhythmn of Ovulating with the Full Moon and bleeding with the Dark Moon. There are many Womens Wisdom practices that can be supportive of aligning with this natural cycle. 

However, if your cycle is not aligned with the Moon know that many Women in our modern world experience this too. Due to many factors such as artificial lighting, modern work schedules, chemicals, stress and being disconnected from the ancient Womb Wisdom our ancestors knew. Becoming aware of the seasons of the Earth, phases of the Moon and cycle of the Womb is the first step in reclaiming your Womb health. 

Practice for this phase:

Breathe, dance and move your body in ways that feel activating, strong and sensual. Feel your Womb Shakti dancing and spiralling with creative aliveness. Dance, breathe and move your body in ways that feel active, strong and energising. Feel your Womb Shakti dancing and spiraling with creative aliveness. Stand under the sun and feel your petals open to receive inflowing energy.

Wheel of the Year - Rituals for this phase:

Start of Summer – Beltane – November 8th, 08:12 

Dance and play under the light of the moon. Allow nature’s Shakti to flow through you and pulse with the rhythm of all life.

Summer Solstice - Litha - December 21st, 19:20 

Enjoy the pleasures of life. Celebrate, play, dance and feast with friends and community. Watch the sunrise and draw its vitality into your being.

Autumn - Waning Moon - Luteal Phase

The time of descending energy, reflect on lessons learnt and start turning your attention inwards. Self-care is crucial in this phase so make time for you. Surrender and let the inner pull take you.

Autumn, Waning Moon and the Luteal phase of the Menstrual cycle are all the descending phases of their respective cycles. Autumn corresponds with the slowly lessening light, each day the nights get longer and the days shorter. Signalling to the Earth, her plants and creatures that it is time to harvest the work of the cycle and prepare for the Dark. The Waning Moon symbolises the slowing down that is needed at this time of the cycle. As the balance between light and dark swings towards the dark we are reminded that the time for stillness, shedding and inner communion is drawing nearer again. 

The Luteal phase of the Menstrual cycle is the time to slow down. Many Women can experience significant menstrual pain and challenges at this time of their cycle. From my understanding, much of this stems from a resistance to slowing down, nourishing and listening to our bodies. 

The Luteal phase is not the time to start a new project, go on a big multi day hike, run 10kms or go out to a big party. It is the time of slowing down and preparing for your sacred pause.

When we start to understand our Menstrual cycle and use this knowledge to guide our lives, we can work with our own innate cycle and make decisions based on our needs. When we know we will be in our Luteal phase on a certain week we can make informed choices about what to say Yes and No to and what is too much. When you start implementing this into your life notice how it can change your pre-menstrual phase from one of pain, resistance, annoyance and moodiness to one of spaciousness, calm and relaxation. This is the phase to learn how to say NO.

Practice for this phase:

Sink your energetic roots deep into the Earth, connect with Her energy and breathe Her up into your womb and body; strengthening your energetic connection, grounding and refilling your inner well. Slow gentle movements, deep stretching and release work to unwind accumulated tension in the body. Listen to a long Yoga Nidra/Relaxation and let your body, mind and sprit rejuvenate. 

Wheel of the Year - Rituals for this phase:

Start of Autumn – Lammas – February 4th, 18:07 

Honour your body with self-care practices and release built-up tension and energy. Create a special meal with friends in gratitude for the earth.

Autumn Equinox - Mabon - March 20th, 13:06 

Journal and reflect on the lessons of this cycle. What are the key themes and patterns you have been working with? Integrate this wisdom.