The Women’s Wisdom Way is a path of coming home to oneself and living in sacred relationship with the earth and the life-force energy within the body.

The WWW offers tools, resources and in-person classes, retreats, workshops and private sessions to support you come home to your body, soul self and the Earth through the use of:

Feminine Embodiment and Healing Arts

Women’s Wisdom Teachings

Meditation and Energy Alignment Practices

Ritual and Ceremony

Nature Connection

Folk Herbalism

Womb Yoga

Womb Hara Massage

Relaxation Massage

13 Moon Calendar 2024

Cycle mapping on this annual scale can support a deeper understanding of ourselves and the patterns that are unfolding in our daily life. As well as how the larger cycles of the Sun, Moon and Stars govern and impact these rhythms and patterns. 

Included in this Cycle Map is the Moon phases with markers identifying exact dates for Full Moon and Dark Moon, Seasonal Celebrations on the Wheel of Year and the 12 annual Zodiac transitions.

Information is provided in the inner circle to help you connect more deeply with the phase of the cycle you are in and see the interconnections between the cycles of the Earth, Moon and Womb. 

✧ This 2024 Calendar is for those in the Southern Hemisphere ✧

Women’s Wisdom classes, gatherings and retreats are run throughout the year to support you care for all layers of self.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

When Women Gather – May

Join me for an evening of nourishment, slow and soft movement, deep relaxation, Womb connection and a guided Womb journey.

This is a space for deep relaxation, inner communion and rejuvenation. 

Come as you are.


This gathering consists of a guided movement practice of Womb Yoga and Embodied Feminine Arts that invite connection with your body, Womb, Heart and Sacred Self. Through breath, awareness, movement and guided relaxation you will come into the subtle presence of your inner world inviting deep listening, communion and restoration.

Along with a deep drop guided relaxation that supports a deep nervous system regulation and guides you into connection with your inner world and Womb wisdom. We finish our time together with a reflective circle and dinner to help ground and nourish ourselves before we move out into our daily lives.  


These monthly gatherings are an invitation to take time and space to nourish yourself, cultivate connection and wellbeing in your body and the Sacred Feminine energy centres of the Womb and Heart. This is a space where you can recharge, reflect, tend your body and inner self and learn practices you can integrate into your personal practice that support the wellbeing of your Womb, energy body and whole self. 


Sunday 26th of May ♡ 4.30pm-8pm 

@ the Green Pigeon Hall, North of Kyogle 

Dinner provided


Warm cosy fire inside the hall 🙂 

Bring a Yoga mat, bolster, pillows and blanket.




8 spaces available – bookings required

Womb Yoga

Join me for 5 weeks of Womb Yoga.

Womb Yoga practices support Women at all stages of life. Each week we will explore different Yoga practices aligned to the phase of the Moon we are in. 

Specific practices and modifications will be shared for fertility, pregnancy, menopause, hysterectomy, painful and irregular periods and to cultivate healing, balance and aliveness in the Womb and more. Get in touch if you have specific concerns you would like support with. 

We will explore Cycle Wisdom to support a deeper understanding of your own body’s needs, signals and cycles. And how you can adapt your Yoga practice and daily life to suit your own inner rhythms. 

Deep relaxation, Womb connection and Shakti awakening practices will leave you feeling rejuvenated, grounded and embodied. 


Focus for this series:

  • Enhance movement, awareness and blood flow to the Womb and Pelvic area


  • Release tension and stagnant energy in the body + soothe the nervous system


  • Encourage freedom of movement and awaken energy flow through the body


  • Cultivate connection with your body focusing on nourishing your Womb and Heart centres


  • Deepen cycle awareness and self-care through Yoga practices for different phases of the Womb, Moon and stages of a Woman’s life from menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and beyond.

BYO Yoga mat & pillows/bolsters.

Email me at with any questions. 


Event Details
5 Wednesday Evenings
beginning May 1st – 29th May, 2024.  
@ the Uniting Church Fellowship Hall, Kyogle, NSW
$65pp or $45pp concession 


Past Events

Womb Yoga

Womb Centered Yoga practices that support Women at different stages of their monthly and life cycle.

Join Mikala for a dive into the Lunar realm of Womb Yoga. Specific practices will be shared for different phases of the menstrual cycle, moon cycle and seasonal cycle. Along with practices supporting and contraindications for fertility, menopause, hysterectomy, painful and irregular periods and to cultivate healing, balance and aliveness in the Womb. 

We will explore Cycle Wisdom and Mapping to support a deeper understanding of your own body’s needs, signals and cycles. And how you can adapt your Yoga practice and daily life to suit your own inner rhythms. 

Deep relaxation, Womb connection and Shakti awakening practices will leave you feeling rejuvenated, grounded and embodied. 

Morning tea will be provided.

BYO snacks and lunch.

BYO Yoga mat & pillows/bolsters.

The 13 Moon Calendar will be available for purchase with your tickets or on the day. These are cycle mapping tools that can support you implement the learnings and insights from our day together. 


Event Details
Sunday 4th of February 2024
@ the Hanging Rock Hall, Cawongla, NSW
$95pp or $135 with 13 Moon Calendar
*concession available

Walking with Women - Spring Gathering 2024

 in the Border Ranges 

A magical weekend of walking, deep forest immersion, connection with self and a small group of Women. 

This is the work of walking ourselves back home to our humanness. To the natural and easeful relationship with the earth and forest that is our blueprint and birthright. Let us relax, open to joy and find bliss, playfulness, curiosity and calm in connecting with the wild. Let us take a deep exhale and find our way back to the earth.

You will be guided through relaxation and movement practices designed to support you release anxiety, stress and physical tension and open to increased energy, range of movement and embodied pleasure. 


2 Days/ 1 Night

Group Walk through deep rainforest

Guided Yoga, Movement and Meditation practices

Guided nature connection activities, philosophy and practices

Circle + Ceremony


*Dates TBC – contact for expressions of interest 

Rest and Release Yoga
- February's Yoga Workshop

Sunday 12th February

9am – 10.30am
All welcome
@ the Collins Creek Hall, 20mins north of Kyogle

A practice to support deep nervous system reset, tension release, body connection and increased vitality through a mix of:
Gentle Yoga Flow
Restorative + Yin Yoga
Roll & Release Fascia Balls
Yoga Nidra
Register your place via email hello@womenswisdomway
or via FB or Instagram


BYO Yoga mat + cushions  

To register email or use the contact me form on the website below.

Are you available on October 14/15/16 for a weekend of deep juicy nourishment?
This weekend will be held at a private retreat centre under the Border Ranges, North of Kyogle, Northern NSW. This is a beautiful venue nestled in the mountains with a flowing creek and lush rainforest.
Daily guided practices include:
Deep Rest and Relaxation Practices
Somatic Yoga and Release Work
Womens Wisdom Teachings
Guided Womb Journeys
Ritual and Ceremony
Nature Connection
Crafting Practices
Womb Yoga
Price starts at $450 and move up to $650 for a private room.  All meals are included to nourish and support you to tend your inner self.
Get in touch if you are feeling to gift yourself a fully guided and nourishing weekend of deep rest and recharge.

When Women Gather

Autumn Circle

at the Business Hive Kyogle
4 – 7pm
Saturday 27
th March

$40 per person
BYO Yoga mat / rug + cushion

Remembering We Are Sacred

 A journey of honouring our bodies as sacred, honouring our breath as sacred, honouring the earth as sacred and honouring each other as sacred. This gathering will take you on a journey of remembering, honouring, nourishing and reflection.

We will expand our breath and cultivate our energy.
We will move our bodies with gentle guided movement practices and dance.
We will explore our Sacred Feminine Anatomy with sacred body practices and Womens Yoga.

We will look within through guided relaxation and mediation practices.
We will learn and remember the Womens Wisdom Way and the Earth Wisdom Teachings.

We will explore a sacred Womens crafting practice.

We will share in circle.

We will remember we are sacred and close with ceremony.

Folk Herbalism

Remembering our Ancestral Ways

Folk Herbalism Workshop

Grounded Gathering 2021 – Natural Bridge, QLD – March 21/22

An introduction to Folk Herbalism through short stories, practical remedies and hands on medicine making! Learn how to make simple Folk Tinctures, Herbal Infused Oils, Herbal Bath Salts and more. You will leave this workshop with the knowledge and skills to start creating simple herbal preparations at home and inspired to open up to the magic of herbs.

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